We produce leathers embracing sustainability and social responsibility as tools acquired in decades of history, keeping the company in harmony with the environment.


The balance between industry and the environment is Krumenauer's main feature. The constant improvement actions and investments sustain an exemplary treatment system, flow and disposal of solid and liquid waste.

Waste from vegetable tanning process can, unlike other processes, be reused, designed for gelatins or composted soil industries, because it is an organic process and, therefore, biodegradable.

While part of the waste is treated, the other part is used in conditioning the soil for the planting of acacia, in pasture for cattle or other applications. The remaining waste is designed in accordance with current environmental legislation.

LWG Certification

The excellent production and environmental practices used by Krumenauer S/A granted the company the gold medal at the Leather Working Group (LWG). LWG is an international organization recognized by many leading brands, industries and suppliers of leather products and leather hides worldwide.

LWG evaluates company procedures using the best international practices, like environmental policy, utilization and control of restricted substances, the traceability of batches produced, water reuse, waste management, energy consumption, weather emissions, industrial wastewater treatment, among others as parameters.

For more information visit www.leatherworkinggroup.com.